Dougherty Probate Court



County Seat:  Albany

Est. 1853

Baker County.

Charles Dougherty (1801 – 53), a noted judge from Athens, Georgia.


330 sq mi (855 km2)

Probate Court

Judge: Nancy S. Stephenson

225 Pine Ave., Ste. 123, Albany, GA 31701 

P. O. Box 1827, Albany, Georgia 31702 


229-434-2694 (fax)  

Under Georgia law, the Probate Court is responsible for providing a large scope of services to the public. These services include probating wills, appointment of administrators, appointing guardians for minors and incapacitated adults, holding hearings to constrain the mentally ill and substance abusers, issuance of marriage licenses and officiating over marriages. The Court also tries and is authorized to hold jury trials in all cases involving contested issues relating to estates and guardianships. 

The Probate Court also has the responsibility for docketing, filing and microfilming all documents relating to the above legal matters. The Court also issues firearm permits and many lesser duties such as taking oaths of public officials, recording bonds and issuing certified copies of various records. Although the Probate Court is not by law required to maintain vital records (certificates of births and deaths) the Probate Court does so, as well as issuing certified copies of same under a contractual arrangement with the State.


Cynthia Carr, Delma Hope, Nita McCarty, Amanda Nobles, Nena Simpson and Suzette Pearson    

• Administration of Estates 

• Birth and Death Certificates

• Guardianships 

• Firearms Permits (pdf) 

• Marriage Licenses (pdf) 

• Probate of Wills

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