Cobb Probate Court



County Seat:  Marietta

Est. 1832

Colonel Thomas Willis Cobb (1784 – 1835), a hero of the War of 1812 and a U.S. Congressman.

340 sq mi (881 km2)

Probate Court

Kelli Wolk, Chief Judge

32 Waddell Street

Marietta, GA 30090

(770) 528-1900

(770) 528-1996 fax


Clerk of Court (770) 528-1900

Estates Division (770) 528-1900

Firearms License ( 770) 528-1922

Marriage License (770) 528-1921

The Probate Court of Cobb County has exclusive jurisdiction in the following matters:

• probate of wills;

• appointment and removal of executors and administrators;

• sale and disposition of estate property;

• appointment and removal of guardians of minors and      

  incapacitated adults;

• audit of returns of executors, administrators, and guardians;

• commitments of the mentally ill, alcohol and drug abusers;

• issuance of marriage licenses;

• issuance of weapons carry licenses; and

• miscellaneous services such as issuance of fireworks

  permits, recording of elected officials’ oaths and bonds, and

• certificates of residence.


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Marietta Daily Journal

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